Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown

Full-stack Engineer
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Mellon Foundation

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Technologies Django, Django CMS, MySQL, Gunicorn, Supervisor, Nginx, Solr, Ubuntu, Capistrano, and Ansible

Designed by Blenderbox, I was responsible for building the front and back ends with HTML5, CSS3, Python, Django, and Django CMS. I built the Django admin and leveraged the latest version of Django CMS for an effortless and user friendly administration experience.

The most challenging piece of this project was dealing with over 40 years of grant information and displaying it in an elegant and optimized fashion on a map to give users a better understanding of the magnitude of the foundation's impact. I managed this by using the newest Google Maps API map clustering and a Solr search back-end that normalized the data and clustered it appropriately. You should check it out here.